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-by Aminah Fahd

Winters are upon us and once again we scramble to piece together a wardrobe for the season. My first stop as per usual was Khaadi. I’d be preaching to the choir if I start on why. What I want to talk about instead is their amazing brand new website.

With winters being so short and lines in store so long, I decided to get my clicking finger ready and continue my search online at home with a hot cup of jo to help me.

My 15 minute foray into the shop earlier that day had shown me clothes that will be lighting up grey mornings and coffee parties. The online shopping experience proved to be as close to being in the physical store without, you know, actually having to go there, because, seriously, as nice as the staff is, I doubt they would let you peruse the merchandise with a coffee in hand. The website has a clean layout, both on laptop and phone, and finding your way to the desired section is easy.

P.S. Here’s all the stuff I that I ordered from the website , since I ran short on time while trying on outfits at the store.





I love that you can choose to shop for a top, bottom, scarf or two piece pret (and also which combination of two pieces). Moreover, filters on the side bar give you a run down on all price points, fabrics, colours and styles; especially great if like me, you dress from your shoes up or have a hot accessory or smart sweater you want to match an outfit to. Before you even click on an outfit, you can see the back, simply by hovering over the image and see the sizes available, instantly shaving minutes off your precious time. Once you do commit to a click, you can zoom to your heart’s content so you know exactly what you’re buying.

On top of that, most outfits have very helpful and very detailed size charts mentioning everything from sleeve lengths and openings to front and back lengths of those ubiquitous high-low hemmed tops. No more guesswork ladies! Not only will this help you decide if you would rather buy a 12 instead of your usual 10 of that hip-hugging shift from Khaadi Khaas, it will also save you from from getting anything too tight or too short and having to suffer through returns.

Single pieces have been helpfully paired with stoles and pants , while on point accessory suggestions displayed on the side mean your days of being closet clueless are over. If you still need any help at all, (really?!) the ‘Chat with Us’ tab at the bottom right provides 24/7, live, online customer service. And as if having such a very user friendly site wasn’t gift enough to the woman, man and child of this nation, Khaadi has started accepting orders via phone, and soon WhatsApp! Isn’t that simply revolutionary for online shopping in Pakistan ? 

The pictures are clear and beautifully shot and the new gallery section has videos for inspiration and catalogues to download for you to drool over or WhatsApp outfit styling suggestions to your high-tech masterji for stitching. Clearly Khaadi put a lot of thought into the revamping of their website and it shows.

Bottom line: After having a truly high street brand at par with Zara in terms of providing of-the-moment affordable fashion, Khaadi now also has a website that matches international standards. Weekends home now mean overspending will be a true hazard! 

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  • All About Sana

    This is great! However, do they ship to US. They used to have a US section under the pull down menu, but I can’t find it. Please advise :))

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