On the Skincare Shelf: Physiogel Moisturizing Range

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Girls, so my love affair with skincare has kicked off a little late in life, but ever since I have reading up on stuff, and started investing in great skincare products, I am literally OBSESSED with it. To be honest, I prefer investing in skincare a lot more now than make-up because 1/Nothing beats an amazing skin and no amount of foundation can cover for the lack of it and 2/ It pays you in the long term.

So one such product range that I want to talk about today with you all on the blog is the physiogel’s range of moisturizers. The Brand sent me a few samples to test for the “14 Day Dry Skin Challenge”, as the range is designed to fight dry and flaky skin issues.


There were 5 Products namely:

Daily Defence Protective Day Cream (Light consistency)

Daily Defence Protective Day Cream (Rich)

Daily Defence Replenishing Night Cream

Daily Moisture Therapy Cream

Daily Moisture Therapy Body Lotion


Here’s my thoughts about the range:

  1. Firstly , I am a HUGE fan of skincare with as less chemicals as possible. Physiogel range is Hypoallergenic (meaning if you have sensitive skin, the products wont give any kind of allergy or irrtitation), they are fragrance-free , have no preservatives or colorants. Which is GREAT ! I am not a huge of highly concentrated skincare ranges , full of perfumes and chemicals – I just feel they’re more damaging in the long term. This one I feel you can trust in the long term.


  1. The Packaging is quite convenient , spill-free & can be carried easily during travel. I love the pump bottle of the Day & night creams, so you dont end up wasting the product.


3. The Price range is quite decent too – considering most high end moisturizers and creams are now more than at least $60-100. The Day and night creams are around Rs 1700 each , and the quantity is significant (40ml) so it can last you at least 5-6 months. Great value for money there.

4. True to its claim, I did find the creams to be super moisturizing. My forehead, my feet and legs can look like Sahara in Winter, and though I did not observe miraculous results overnight, the creams did help quite a lot in keeping the dry skin under control. So I’m assuming with regular use, these can be pretty helpful in keeping dry skin at bay.

5. SPF !!! YAAAS , there is absolutely no compromise on wearing SPF every single day, and I’m glad the moisturizers already have SPD 15 , so you can do without a separate sunblock too.

Here’s a swatch for you all.


From Top to bottom: The Body Lotion (slightly runny consistency), Moisturizing Cream (Thick and creamy) , The Day Cream (firm and light).



Your comments?

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