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Fresh, clear and glowing skin might just be every girls dream but for those not blessed with good genes it requires a lot of hard work and discipline and a little help from a good doctor. Our favourite dermatologist, Dr. Amna Ahmar of Cosmetique (Lahore) is helping us with all our skin care woes today by answering all the queries and concerns you posted on our Instagram. Read on. 


What should be your skin care regime for clear skin?

Skin is like a canvas. I need to examine each aspect of your skin to guide you in detail. Skin can represent your entire body function so a detailed history needs to be taken. Ideally to prevent uneven skin sun block is a MUST for every individual. All types of sunblocks are available in the market select one with minimum SPF 35 preferably a renowned brand. Skin should be allowed to breathe. Least amount of chemical exposure is ideal be it lemon or aloe vera from your garden or a high end OTC cream. Keep it as simple as dove soap. If there are certain skin disorders visible like for example Actinic Lentigenes a.k.a freckles, creams containing hydroquinone and lasers like Micro Laser Peel can reduce them. People have melasma, pigmentation following allergies or acne, all can be reduced. So in short avoid eruptions in order to keep skin clear. Every lesion on your skin can be a new mark so treat it before it appears. Even dryness can cause marks so hydrate and moisturize.


I am prone to form keloids. I have quite a few of them. I also got steroid injections last year. Some of them got better some didn’t. I applied kelocote as well, also used bapscar care. The keloids which got better are forming again. Now I am just using dermovate. Suggest the best possible treatment.

Firstly after confirming that it is a keloid, the lesions need to be treated until they are gone. It can be troublesome; they can hurt and cause itching. Intra lesional injections diluted optimally and spaced out at the right interval are the treatment of choice. Once reduced follow up to ensure they are gone.

Along all this you need to understand your skin is keloid prone so every injury or break to your skin can be a new keloid to the level that an acne lesion can turn into one. So we need to stop them from forming and cure the cause of the lesion that forms the keloid eventually. Pulsed Dye Laser can also be used to reduce the blood supply of the keloid. Feel free to come and see me for further treatment details. Topical creams have no role in keloid treatment as the skin is too hard for topical medication to penetrate. Needleless and painless intralesional shots are available at Cosmetique, which means you won’t be scared to follow up for your second treatment. Numbing the area prior to the needleless treatment makes it painless and comfortable.

Dr. Amna Ahmar

Dr. Amna Ahmar


I have PCOS due to which I have got problem of hirustim. Please suggest something to get rid of facial hair.

Before treating the hair, treat the PCOS. What is the latest status of your hormones? Get that evaluated so you know about the hormones making your hair thick. PCOS are simple to treat-believe me! Laser Hair Removal is an old yet MOST effective way of reducing the hair, but even that fails if the underlying issue isn’t being resolved. Laser Hair Removal is SAFE, almost painless and contrary to popular belief does not cause cancer.


 I have severe acne issues. What should I do to treat and prevent it?

Acne needs at least four to six months treatment plan. I usually recommend a three week follow up program. Main aim is to reduce eruptions, reduce redness and lastly reduce marks. Oral and topical combination treatment is a must which can be altered along the way as per need. Adjuvant procedures like microdermabrasion, smooth beam lasers are also available to reduce the acne. We need to grade the acne to select the treatment plan.


My acne scars a deep and not ligtening up or going away. What should I do? Will they go away on their own or should do you suggest some treatment?

Acne Scars need interventional therapy. Topical agents alone can not reduce scars. Scars can be reduced using with a minimum of three to six sessions of Resurfacing Laser. They will be reduced, not 100% gone.


How can I get rid of pigmentation? Are there good laser treatments for it? What are its results?

Pigmentation can be due to numerous reasons. I need to examine to decide what the culprit behind yours is. Once the cause is identified, then numerous medications can be used and in case those fail we can move on to Depigmentation lasers.


I don’t have acne all year but in summers I breakout. How can I prevent that?

Are you sure that it is Acne? Usually it follows no seasonal trends. If it is, we need to treat the acne first and advise maintenance treatment to prevent it from coming back.



Between waxing and bleaching, what is a better way of hiding or removing facial hair?

That depends on which method suits you. Bleach is chemical! It can cause allergy and some lead to excessive hair growth as they contain steroids. Waxing, sometimes, gives folliculitis to people. Which ever your skin can bare, do that or get them reduced with Hair Removal Laser. It does not hurt or leave marks.


Should one use soap, like pears, or an exfoliating face wash to wash face in the morning?

Dove White Soap. For maintenance exfoliation once a week is enough. Microdermabrasion is the simplest way to keep your skin smooth and silky.


Should one get regular facials after turning thirty?

Facials I can’t say about but YES microdermabrasion is highly recommended. It is a benign procedure. Crsytals are used to exfoliate and cleanse your skin. Get it done by a trained professional under sterile conditions. It will make your skin smooth, reduce oil, tighten pores and reduce fine lines all in Rs.5000 once a month or less.


How good or bad are the drug stores whitening creams? What are the ingredients should one look out for?

Your skin colour should match your unexposed skin.Tthat’s it! There is no healthy way to make you white. Harsh but true! Really disrupting the functioning of your colour producing cells can cause havoc. Glutathione in injections is WRONG. Keeping your skin tone even tone should be your aim. Keeping it smooth and radiant should be your aim. I can always help you with that.


Dr. Amna Ahmar, qualified from Cardiff (Uk) and USA, can be contacted at Cosmetique in Lahore for appointments or at


The information on this website is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any skin issue. Any advice or information provided here does not and is not intended to be and should not be taken to constitute specific medical advice given to any group or individual. Please see a doctor before starting any treatment.

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