Lets Talk Hair: Q&A with Pantene Hair Expert

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Summer has to be the worst time of the year for your hair – the moisture and the heat. Just ugh. Nothing you do is going to help the frizziness and dry, dull looking hair (unless you are Gislele Bündchen, of course). But worry not. We have found for you the experts of the industry to dish out all the hair care secrets they know, so you can get perfect luscious locks this summer without spending a dime!

Pantene Hair Expert, Nina Lotia, talks to us about the latest hair colour trends, the perfect hair care routine (yes, you need one!) and more with us below.



Pantene Hair Expert: Nina Lotia

Pantene Hair Expert: Nina Lotia


What are the hottest hair colour trends for this season?

This summer Ecaille, cinnamon swirl, buttery colors are IN. They may sound like a French cafe menu, but these are the hottest hues this season.


Which haircuts are going to be big this year?

If you’ve always wanted to go short, no better time than summers to take the plunge (think: less sweaty hair moments). The trending haircuts for this year are the “Pixie Cut” and “Beachy Waves”.


Blow dries usually last a day or two if you have non-oily hair. A lot of women want to know how to make their blow dry last longer?

You should wash your hair twice before getting a blow dry. Use a good shampoo like Pantene Pro-V and apply conditioner to the lengths gently – my recommendation is to use Pantene Conditioner with Histidine. Another tip, your stylist should finish your blowout with a blast of cool air from the hair dryer. Also, avoid contact with Water, moisture and humidity – they are the number one cause of death for blowouts. Use a dry shampoo on Day-2 or 3 to keep the volume in tact.


Everyone emphasizes on having a skin care routine – moisturizing, cleansing, and toning – but no one talks about having a healthy hair care routine. What should an ideal hair care routine be?

Eat protein every day and a good amount of iron and zinc. Maintain good general health, exercise regularly, and get enough sleep to reduce general physical stress levels. Choose hair products carefully and follow a proper hair hygiene and of course you must use a shampoo, conditioner along with oil therapy for best results.


Is there a solution to hair fall? Which Pantene product would you recommend for hair fall?

Yes, of course, there is a solution to hair fall. Everyone should definitely try the New Pantene Shampoo with Pro-V and Conditioner with Histidine which will protect your hair from the core. Women these days are experimental with their hair. Working from within to remove impurities, the New Pantene Shampoo with Pro-V and Conditioners with Histidine will erase the damage of a 100 blow-dries, allowing you to try 30 styles in just as many days and stand up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit heat. After using Pantene, even after the harshest torture tests, hair will be less likely to break, fall and split.


How often one needs a haircut?

Every six to eight weeks, but one rule can’t possibly apply to all hair textures and lengths.


Do protein treatments work? If yes, how often should one get it done?

Yes protein treatments work, and its advised to be done every 6 to 8 week depending on the hair type.


What is one hair secret that hair stylists/experts know that you can tell us.

Hairdressing is often described as “recession-proof” because it is one of the last purchases consumers give up during tough economic times. People will wear old clothes but find it difficult to skimp on a good haircut.


How important is SPF for hair? Especially in a climate like the one we have in Pakistan.

Yes, sunscreen has a whole host of benefits – from delaying signs of aging to, you know, preventing skin cancer. While it’s not exactly possible for your hair to get cancer, you hair is still very vulnerable to the rays of the sun. Just as with skin, UV rays can damage your hair, effectively contributing to a whole host of hair woes.


Now, the main concern of many women.What should regular care for coloured/ treated hair be? 

Colour treated hair should always be shampooed with a special color protection conditioner to prevent it from drying and lock in the moisture. Try the new Pantene Conditioner- it is great for hair nourishment.


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