Don’t Sweat It! Melt-Proof Your Make Up This Summer

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We all love summer- because , well, you don’t need no excuse to eat ice lollies -but with rising temperature comes the annoying ‘melting face’. So to avoid sweating your make up right off your face, we thought we should ask for a little help from Mahrukh Majid of ‘The Make-up Room’. She is a budding new Make-Up Artist who has done her make-up course from the London School of Make-up and has set-up a swanky make-up space inside her home in DHA, Lahore.

Here are her best tips and tricks she shared with us for looking fresh and pretty in the scorching heat this summer.

Mahrukh Majid of the Make Up Room.

Mahrukh Majid of the Make Up Room.

Moisturizer: Make sure to use an Oil-Free Moisturizer before you apply your makeup. It will prevent your skin from looking oily and sticky after a few hours of application. For people with dry skin, use a heavy and rich moisturizer before going to bed, so your skin is soft and smooth for foundation application in the morning. Recommended : Cetaphil Lotion.

Sunscreen: The importance of sunblock cannot be emphasized enough. Sunblock is very important during the summer even if you’re inside your house. Make sure to find a nice light sunscreen which goes well with your skin-tone. Recommended – Neutrogena UltraSheer Dry Touch Sunblock.





Primer: Primer is a MUST after moisturizing and before foundation application. It creates a layer on top of the pores and holds your makeup in place. Better to use a mattifying primer in summer and don’t forget to apply eye primer on your lids before eyeshadow application, it will minimize those horrible creases! Recommended – SmashBox Photo Finish Primer.

Smashbox Photofinish primer

Foundation: Choose your foundation wisely: switch to waterproof and matte foundations. Make sure to apply and blend it with a sponge or a brush. Do not use your hands to spread it as body heat can make your skin oily. If you feel your skin still feels oily, after application of foundation, gently press a tissue over your face and lift off the excess oil.Recommended – L’oreal Infalliable Pro Matte Foundation & MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation. (buy here)



Lipstick: Stick to lip stains – Do not use thick or heavy lipsticks! You don’t want lipstick spreading out of your lips. Try using matte lip creams or stains. Lip liners and a clear gloss over it is a perfect combo. Recommended – NYX lip cream, Essence ‘Stay With Me’.

Nyx Soft Matte lip cream

Liner: From pencil to gel, use waterproof liners. They won’t spread if you sweat or even if you rub your eyes.

Recommended – Urban Decay Waterproof Liner.

Setting Spray: They are great to keep your makeup in place! MAC FIX+ has the best results so far!

Mac Fix+ Setting Sprat
Let the natural glow work its magic. Avoid using too much highlighter as it can make your face look oily!

The best and most useful rule to keep in mind :USE LESS & MELT LESS! Try to use as less makeup as possible in the summer. Let your skin breathe. One more important rule: DO NOT- i repeat- DO NOT forget to wash your face and properly cleanse your face and neck before going to bed every night.


Makhrukh Majid can be contacted through her Facebook page: The Make Up Room by Mahrukh Majid  

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