Bali Travelogue with Nishat Girls

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Guys, we are not sure about you, but we were totalllyyyy envious of the Nishat girls’ recent trip to Bali to shoot the Brand’s Spring Summer’17 campaign. We stalked their journey tirelessly through the picteresque landscapes, fun-outfits, crazy experiences with the monkeys, snapchat stories and what not. So we thought – lets hear from the girls directly how their experience was like and what all do we need to know about Bali before making it our next travel destination .

Here’s a tete-a-tete with Saheefa Jabbar and Rehmat Ajmal, the faces of Nishat SS’17 campaign :

  1. So we all know BALI is like the perfect holiday destination. How did Nishat’s campaign happen for you – and what was your first reaction on being told that Bali will be your shoot destination

SAHEEFA: Phones rings : “Saheefa hum Bali main jaa k beach o beach onay walay hain, Haha”.  When I got this call from the office, I knew fun is calling.

REHMAT: Well I got really thrilled when I was told we would be shooting in Bali not only because it is a perfect destination but honestly because I am a little cold intolerant. So for me, escaping the frost in Lahore and going to an island was too good to be true.


  1. What was your favourite part about shooting in Bali? How was the experience like?

SAHEEFA: I am not a big fan of winters, I was glad we were leaving for Bali at the very right time, I could have enough of sun and sand. Nishat and Shani bhai always surprise us with something new, this time having a personal beach and villa was perfect.

REHMAT: Well it’s definitely not easy to be working in weather conditions so bipolar that in one second it could be raining cats and dogs and another the sun could take over and consider its duty to toast your existence. We were always on the go hoping from one location to another. It was like a teacher giving too much information to a student in one go on fast forward but even so, it was all very beautiful.



  1. Tell us a funny story or an interesting encounter you had there for example we know that Eman got slapped by a monkey – what was THAT about

SAHEEFA: Haha you guys already know about that! I wish I could explain in writing how hard that slap was, Eman had been eating right lately I suppose, that she could bear with that pain.

REHMAT: Well you know, in a social system in which males hold power and authority over women, how do you expect a male monkey not to slap a girl when he’s not given a banana on demand?


  1. What are your travel essentials especially while packing for a work + beach holiday?

SAHEEFA: I don’t know why we all talked about keeping the sunscreen, I didn’t keep it instead I found this new orange mist vitamin C spray from the body shop, it does wonders. Aside from this I kept my body spray, power bank, headphones, a handbag with countless zips and hidden pockets and most importantly my dear tooth brush.

REHAMAT: Substantial amount of rose water, comfortable flip-flops, shades and (to keep up with my job) a fully charged power bank!


  1. What was your favourite piece of clothing from the new summer line?

SAHEEFA: Two outfits were my favourite, one I wore at the dance school and the second most favourite I wore at the rice terrace. The summer collection is great this time around, I think everyone will love the colors and prints!

REHMAT: I absolutely adore all the gowns and the trendy shirts that are all perfect for summer!


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  1. Model off-duty or model on-duty – whats your personal style like?

SAHEEFA: My new favourite is my grey H&M sweat shirt and pants and my blue puma joggers, Bro bara easy scene hai!

REHMAT: Well as a model on-duty I like experimenting and I try to do justice to all the looks designed by our stylist which are sometimes very different from what I would usually wear or carry off-duty. But because I enjoy doing theatre I see all of these looks as different characters I am playing on stage I really try to grab the essence of every look. The looks are designed after a serious thought process and are mostly very peppy, perky and youthful. What most people don’t know about me is that I am a 94 year old from the inside! That’s where it becomes a little challenging Haha!

WhatsApp Image 2017-02-03 at 1.55.14 PM IMG_20170120_191754_313

  1. One Travel tip for people travelling to Bali?

SAHEEFA: Study their economy and zeroes well.

REHMAT: Do not forget your sun block!

  1. What did you discover about each other that you did not know from before?


SAHEEFA: Sub achay hotay hain, there is no person who is bad, you just have to give them some time, everyone has a story worth knowing.

REHMAT: I have been working with team GS for almost a year now and I find them all to be very thriving as individuals and as a team. It is true that travelling and spending so much time together unravels different aspects of every person’s personality before you. You form strong bonds, make new friends and even if you don’t you develop a sense of acceptance and that effectively helps you grow as a professional more than anything else.


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